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Skidsteer Hire, Bobcat Hire Murray Bridge

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Included in our hire equipment fleet we have our Manitou RT1050 Skidsteer for hire. We chose this machine for our hire fleet because of the usability and simplicity of use even for a first time operator.  This machine having simple controls to manoeuvre the machine around & shape the earth. The simple controls are based around the 2 joy sticks, one joystick to move the Skidsteer in any direction then the second joystick to control the bucket movements no complicated foot pedals.


When hiring our Skidsteer you will be given a full run down by someone experienced in operating that particular machine, not just an office worker that has no idea. We pride ourselves in a great customer experience when hiring from Cartel Equipment Hire. We believe our customers need to be given the best instructions and advice to make sure they enjoy their time hiring our equipment.  

Supplied with our Skidsteer when hired is our purpose built plant trailer with all the necessary hardware for carrying our machine safely behind your vehicle. The combined weight of our Skidsteer on the trailer is 2800kgs. Our trailer is fitted with the necessary braking and brake away requirements without the need to have an in car brake controller fitted, making it safe for any vehicle with a tow capacity rating of 2800kgs or over. We like to keep our customers safe when towing our equipment, we also offer a delivery service if required.

Our Skidsteer is also available with a few different attachments. As standard our Skidsteer comes with a 4 in 1 bucket (grabbing bucket). It also comes with a spreader bar for finishing touches when trying to level and or smooth out an area.  

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skidsteer hire murray bridge
skidsteer hire murray bridge

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